#1 Motorsport Lighting

Active Temperature Monitoring

Light intensity increases automatically while driving

LED lights can get damaged when they run hot, but our lights are smart. They will run as bright as they possibly can without overheating. When you are parked, they run cool, and when you drive they push themselves to their limits. Other LED lights will always run in the cool state to prevent overheating, while ours increase intensity without overheating.

Superior Heat Dissipation

When the LEDs are kept cool, they can be run much brighter

High surface area heat dissipating fins on the side of the light allow tremendous mounts of air to cool the light. Our compentitors have fins behind the light, which barely see airflow when moving.

We are clearly the brightest choice

Don't let the darkness slow you down

You will be surprised by how much more aware you are with our lighting. Designed for motorsports and high-performance driving, Nitrous lights will not let you down.

Light Intensity in Lumens

65W Halogen











Bright, yet efficient

Add lighting without straining your electrical system

Adding a powerful Nitrous light to your vehicle's lighting setup will only add about 3.3A load to your electrical system, compare that to a 8.3A load from a 100W halogen light pod.

Efficacy in Lumens per Watt










Rally DX3 Series Lighting

Extremely Bright - Extremely Small

The Rally DX3 LED Lights are definitely the brightest lights for their size. Its lightweight and slim form factor make them easy to mount in various locations while blending in with the look of your car.


3000K – 2720 Raw Lumens
4500K – 3375 Raw Lumens
6000K – 3620 Raw Lumens


Power: 38W
Current: 3.2A
Voltage Input: 11-20V
EMI and RFI Protected


LED Life Span: 50,000 hours
Operating Temperature: -40°F to 185°F
Solid Aluminum Body

Impact resistant polycarbonate lens
IP67 Rated - Fully waterproof and dustproof

Two Essential Optics Options

Choose between a wide cornering beam and a spot driving beam

Cornering Light Pattern

Cornering Beam Pattern

This wide, elliptical beam in front of the vehicle is intended to illuminate the sides of the road/course and their potential dangers, but also, to provide illumination while the car is not facing the racing line. It's the pattern you need when you are taking turns and drifting around while the vehicle is drastically sliding sideways.

Driving Light pattern

Driving Beam Pattern

A powerful, controlled, circular beam towards the driving path illuminates the most critical areas when driving at night. This pattern is wide enough to see the entire road and will make it easy to identify road imperfections, grades of turns and hills, and other uncertainties. At racing speeds, this pattern keeps you aware.

Three Color Temperature Choices

Fine tune the appearance of your lighting.

3000K Color Temperature

3000K - Warm White

Identical look to halogen lights or yellow tinted rally lights.
Ideal for those looking for a stock look, but exceptional performance.

4500K Color Temperature

4500K - Pure White

Identical look to most OEM HID lighting.
Produces the most usable light onto the road.

6000K Color Temperature

6000K - Cool White

Identical look to most OEM LED lighting.
Produces the most light output out of all color temperatures.

Light Bar Configuration

The power of multiple lights - simplicity of one.

Light Bar Output

Unprecedented Performance

The light bar’s 20200 lumens make it the leading LED light bar on the market designed specifically for racing. The total luminous intensity makes it the brightest light bar for its size.

Designed for Ruthless Conditions

The entire bar that holds the lights are made out of ¼” 6061-T6 aluminum. It is designed to withstand crazy jumps, high vibration, impact, and shock. All of the lights are completely waterproof, and ready to go for any weather condition.

Unlimited Adjustability

The four Rally DX3 LED Lights in the center can be adjusted to achieve the maximum light throw. The two lights in the corners point outward to give an extremely wide range of vision. They can be adjusted independently from the lights in the center, giving you the freedom to tune the light output very precisely.

Countless Mounting Options

The light bar can be mounting on top of the hood, on top of the roof, on top of the bumper, under the bumper, or even inside the bumper. Mounting the bar will be easy, even in compact and tricky locations.
Dimensions: 29.65" x 4.05" x 2.20" (with corner lights)
Dimensions: 21.65" x 4.05" x 2.20" (without corner lights)

Application Photos

Seeing is believing

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Pick your configuration to order

Light Bar

Light Bar

Starting at $749.99

Individual Lights

Individual Light

Starting at $139.99

Rally DX3 LED Light

Output Preview

Build Your Perfect Light

Color Temperature:
For each pair of H8/H9/H11/H16 lights, a wiring harness comes free!

Rally DX3 Light Bar

Inner Lights

Color Temperature:

Outer Lights

Color Temperature:

Corner Lights

Add two corner lights to your light bar to extend the visibility width of your system. + $250 Extra.

Color Temperature:

All lightbars include: mounting hardware, relay wiring harness, and switch.


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